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Postby vlad34 » 3. Jul 2014, 11:28

je suis pas super bon en anglais donc voici une traduction:

I found a good site which proposes different virtualbox with embellish with images password is the very practical login however the site does not seem to be has in the daytime because he proposes of former(old) version which(who) date a little:?

Of the blow I have to test version previous ones I is was able to notice bugs is to make out a will postpone Linux then same with one putting has in the daytime completes the system should stay has can near similar not?: ¦

Thus I is you to me my links or I found image is the passwords if somebody could recreate on a site or on a forum every (most that possible) the place or we can download them is their passwords he(she,it) would be great because I have of other old man pc expect for it from a Linux is for step to muddle up me a small site or a page which has is criterion would be her(it) more than welcome especially for the new as I ^^.

Thus essential information to find itself well: (personally after you made as him(it) pleases you:D)

A link towards an image recent virtualbox a link towards the image iso of installs(settles) of the Linux a link who explain characteristic of the Linux a link towards the forum of the Linux is datum has to put in the beginning of so necessary session (login, password)

Then at the top the general:

A link towards a tuto how to use virtualbox a link towards tuto how to install(settle) a Linux a link who explain that is a Linux a link towards the forum for question

Then I give you my point of seen:wink:

But people are him to interest is wants to have more he(it) bang(type) Linux is in the page 1 of their search engine he(it) will have quite the necessary help(assistant) served on a tray(plateau) otherwise it finds itself as me looking everywhere as a taré is eventually says(tells) in its soulle I drop! (Well I his(her,its) go apparently I have a lot of patience:D a lot)

Thus here is the links towards sites or I have to find virtualbox image:

h t t p: / / o u r c e f o r g e. n e t / p r o j e c t / v i r t u a l b o x i m a g e / f i l e/

h t t p: / / v i r t u a l b o x e s o r g / i m a g e/

Here is thus if site already exists I am willing the link:D I like when have already served on a tray(plateau) his(her,its) tempt to make out a will(to test):)

je voudrai savoir si s'ai bon il n'y a pas de fautes ou autre :)

est si s'ai pas bon une traduction en anglais par quelqu'un qui est bon en anglais serait le bienvenue :D

puis ensuite je copierai la bonne traduction sur un sujet consacrer :wink:

mais sinon s'ai intéressant le point de vu d'un débutant dans virtualbox comme moi est s'est conseil amélioration? :o
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