How i can change system hardware ID's?

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How i can change system hardware ID's?

Postby Alchemysta » 26. Jul 2013, 17:53


#Host system: OS X 10.8.4
#Guest system: Windows XP SP3
#VirtualBox version: 4.2.12

I'm already successfully change all DMI strings on VBox machine! This question is not about DMI! It's about system ID's!

But if i check machine with AIDA64, i see:

System board section:
ID System board: <VBox>
System board: VirtualBox Virtual Platform

BIOS section:
BIOS type: VirtualBox Virtual

ACPI section:

and more "<VBOX>" strings in this section....

How i can change it? I need special vboxmanage extradata keys for modding hardware id's...
I can't use specific software...
Many thanks!
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Re: How i can change system hardware ID's?

Postby rousseauhk » 31. Jul 2013, 07:11

The API has a IBIOSSettings interface, but there doesn't appear to be any way to set these things specifically - it looks like you can only fiddle with the BIOS splash screen at the moment.

I'll have a poke around in the code when I get a free moment to see if I can come up with any other suggestions.

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Re: How i can change system hardware ID's?

Postby noteirak » 31. Jul 2013, 08:47

AFAIK there isn't any access from the API to these. You would need to setup some dark setitngs via extradata keys (also doable in the API) or by modifying the source.
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