100% CPU consumption fpr VboxSVC on Startup

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100% CPU consumption fpr VboxSVC on Startup

Postby maddox » 29. Sep 2007, 14:50

I've installed v.1.5.

If an application that uses Sound is active before starting virtualbox the process vboxsvc consumes all cpu power from one cpu core and GUI never shows up.

The only way to use virtualbox is killing the vboxsvc process, end the program that uses sound (happened to me on foobar with directsound output and firefox with active flash player plugin) and than restarting virtualbox.

Btw. i'm running with no admin privilegues.

Any idea?

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Postby loomy » 22. May 2008, 19:48

I just started getting this with virtualbox 1.6.

I tried stopping any audio processes, but that didn't seem to do anything... though an audio process may have been left open.

Before this error started, a vm had been in pause mode when I removed the vmdk it was using; I had to stop the state and remove the missing disk. I mention this in case it might be related.

Detailed reproduction for me:

Starting up, vboxsvc uses 100% of one CPU.
Killing[2] and restarting it, vbox starts up but errors when I launch a vm. One vm works, another does not[1]
This process repeats from the start if I close and restart. This behavior is like a toggle.

And just now it stopped toggling quite the same way. Now it varies between just using the cpu in the tray, and just starting up but not working, and just crashing on startup-quit[2].


Unknown error creating VM.
VBox status code: -2161 (VERR_CFGM_NODE_EXISTS).
Result Code:
E_FAIL (0x80004005)
IConsole {d5a1cbda-f5d7-4824-9afe-d640c94c7dcf}


failure to create COM object
Callee RC:
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