Vbox missing vboxdrv in zone

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Vbox missing vboxdrv in zone

Postby scarlatti » 6. Jun 2012, 10:46

Hi ,
I installed VirtualBox 4.1.16 in an S11 zone.

According to the Readme I did:
zonecfg:vboxzone>add device
> zonecfg:vboxzone:device>set match=/dev/vboxdrv
> zonecfg:vboxzone:device>end
> zonecfg:vboxzone>verify
> zonecfg:vboxzone>exit

But when I try to start a VM this error pop's up:
"Kernel driver not installed rc=-1908"

Now in the global zone I can see:
ls /dev/vbox*
/dev/vboxdrv /dev/vboxflt /dev/vboxnet /dev/vboxnet0

But not in the none-global zone.
Should these devices be visible in /dev in the non-global zone?

Should I maybe install an older version?

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Re: Vbox missing vboxdrv in zone

Postby Ramshankar » 6. Jun 2012, 11:37

Is the zone access service running the global zone? Check output of svcs -a | grep virtualbox , if it is not running, try starting with "svcadm enable virtualbox/zoneaccess"
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