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Moving vm to another host

Postby apple3feet » 10. Dec 2007, 18:06

Sorry if this is trivial - I can't find the answer in the docs..

Can I move/copy my nice new SuSE guest to another Windows host?

Can I move my virtual disk to a different location on my host?
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Postby PeteD » 10. Dec 2007, 21:01

Yes you can. If moving it to another PC, just copy over the .vdi file and import it using the 'Virtual Disk Manager' under the 'File' menu . Then create a new VM with the same 'hardware' settings as the original and point it to an existing disk image (the one you just copied over).

If you want to run another instance on the same PC, you must 'clone' the image to create a new unique ID before you can import it using the disk manager. On windows OS, open a command prompt in the program folder and type;
vboxmanage clonevdi filename.vdi newfilename.vdi
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How did you move the file?

Postby stanley » 10. Feb 2008, 02:55

I can't get a copy onto a external USB drive or via MS Networks, different things crash with a 5GB file.

How did you do it?
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Zip solution

Postby stanley » 11. Feb 2008, 05:00

Solved by zipping the file down to less than 4.3GB, which then fits on a external FAT32 drive.

BTW, after moving the .vdi, I had to reconfigure USB, Network, CD-ROM connection, change the screen resolution, but all of them were no big deal.

This was my first port of a VM from one machine to another. I'm glad it works - this is one of the real values of VMs....
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