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What can be found here?
This forum has all the rules, tutorials and other useful information involving VirtualBox and this forum. If you're looking for frequently asked questions or how to get something working, this is the place to be.

I have a howto/tutorial that I want to write, how can I get it to appear here?
That's fairly simple. First check if a howto/tutorial you are going to write already exists. If none exist, open a new topic in the appropriate location on the normal forum and use a good subject. For example "Howto: Use Shared Folders". The OS doesn't need to be mentioned in the title, it will be moved to the appropriate section later to make it obvious and it is of little use to have the same information twice.

In case the tutorial is written for a specific OS, it needs to be mentioned. A tutorial written for Windows XP will most likely not work on Windows 7 due to the differences between the two.

The howto/tutorial will then be screened for approval. This screening is done by volunteers and moderators and once approved, moved here to the appropriate section. When there are remarks and improvements for the tutorial, you (the author) will be notified about this so you can make the modifications to pass screening.
When a tutorial or howto is rejected, a reason for that is given too. Usually this means that it either already exists (see next point), is against the forum policy or simply lacks too much information.

But I have a tutorial that's better than the one that already exists, will I be wasting my time?
That doesn't have to be. When you have a tutorial that's easier to follow, is less complicated and provides the same end result, it's quite possible that it will replace the existing one.

I have some information to improve a tutorial or I spotted an error or something isn't clear. How do I report this?
If you have additional information, improvements or other information to make an existing tutorial better, open a new topic in the same location as the tutorial in the main forum and give it a clear title like "Improvement: Howto Use Shared Folders" and start with a link to the tutorial. Then you give the information for improvements. Be as specific as possible.
Once the improvements have been implemented, the thread will be locked after implementation and marked as done: "[done]Improvement: Howto Use Shared Folders". Topic titles may be shortened to fit the tag.

There is a howto/tutorial that I want to discuss, how can this be done as I can't open a topic here?
Create a new topic in the same forum section outside this forum. You will notice that the same kind of layout is made here as there is in the main forum index. Be sure to link to the tutorial at the top of your post, preferably with the topic title using BBcode. That's the forum's mark-up language and can be accessed through the buttons above the reply box. To create a description, use '[ url=<url> ]description[ /url ]'. There are several topics that use this function, quote the message where possible to see the code.

The layout here isn't the same as on the main index, why?
The most howto's and tutorials will be made for Linux or Windows systems. There are little to no tutorials for Mac systems and it would be a waste of space to have a separate section for just one or two howto's. Hence it's put in the "Other" section.
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