Virtualbox 3.1.6 - CPU Hog?

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Virtualbox 3.1.6 - CPU Hog?

Postby bayoda » 26. Mar 2010, 19:36


I actually installed virtualbox 3.1.6 and it seems a little bit frustrating - with win7 64 bit on opensolaris host. (build 134)
3.1.4 worked like a charm - less cpu consumption but 3.1.6 uses nearly 98% processor power (top / systemmonitor)
and it really feels not as fast as 3.1.4

Are there any fundamental changes? - something to consider?

Running on an T61p (dualcore) 4GB Ram - 1200MB for win7

Would be nice to hear from others - if they experience that too.

best regards

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Re: Virtualbox 3.1.6 - CPU Hog?

Postby frank » 28. Mar 2010, 22:04

There are no fundamental changes in VBox 3.1.6 which would satisfy such an increase of CPU usage. All in all should VBox 3.1.6 perform at least as good as VBox 3.1.4. I assume there is some problem with the specific configuration of your VM or with your host.
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