Windows 7 activation

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Windows 7 activation

Postby 0x2eleven » 4. Jan 2010, 06:33


I am installing Windows 7 through VirtualBox on my Vista machine. If I enter the activation key during the virtual installation process, will I still be able to use it later on on this laptop should I decide to do a real installation and change my primary OS?

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Re: Windows 7 activation

Postby stefan.becker » 4. Jan 2010, 08:27

Ask MS, not VBOX for licensing problems.
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Re: Windows 7 activation

Postby mpack » 4. Jan 2010, 11:54

I've never had to activate a Win7 install, but if it works the same as XP then you would have 30 days after installation before you must activate via the internet. If you activate, and then attempt activation of a different install within 120 days, then the new activation will fail and you would have to call Microsoft on the phone to fix the problem.

So, I suggest that if this is just a way to try out a virtual Win7 before deciding to install it for real, then I would not activate it at all, I would just treat it as a 30 day trial.
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