netbsd display problems

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netbsd display problems

Postby geeeeoffff » 7. Oct 2009, 19:51

So, i'm running kde 3.5 under netbsd in virtualbox. The problem is that the resolution is HUGE. and i can't seem to change it in kde's settings. i think the problem may be display drivers, but i'm having trouble reducing my resolution.

i tried googling this, but most guides seem geared towards linux, and files seem to be in different places here. any ideas?
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Re: netbsd display problems

Postby Perryg » 7. Oct 2009, 20:14

Since NetBSD is not a supported guest it might be hard but have you tried to install the guest additions?
If not then you need to see if you can set the guest resolution manually. I am not sure about NetBSD, but in others I used an entry in the xorg.conf to set the resolution. Search NetBSD sites and see what they suggest to do to change the resolution as well.
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