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VirtualBox with KVM backend

PostPosted: 15. Jun 2020, 04:54
by RandomChars
My workflow depends heavily on libvirt + qemu-kvm, while a kvm guest is booted it puts the virtualization features of the CPU in a state incompatible with VirtualBox's hypervisor implementation. I would like virtualbox to use KVM when this happens, just like the hyper-v implementation on Windows.

Re: VirtualBox with KVM backend

PostPosted: 17. Apr 2021, 09:49
by su-root
Unfortunately, implementing KVM is a bad decision from a business standpoint. It's less user-friendly, especially for the general costumer pool with less networking knowledge, making them lose costumer to their competitors. Additionally, KVM hosting needs considerably more resources than other technologies. Most people would agree that KVM can perform on a higher level, but the financial drawbacks will be more of a deciding factor for the people in charge. Let's just hope they do it anyway! :D