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BBCode style conventions for Posting and Tutotials

PostPosted: 17. Sep 2008, 04:22
by TerryE
The background to this is that vkov_tinsky were having a good side discussion around use of BBcode in posts and in tutorials so I thought that it would be better to do this in a thread.

I find that the BBcode editor in phpBB sucks and the BBcodes are quite limited see BBCode FAQ for more details. Examples of tutorial style are
HOWTO: manage VDIs and import native installations and Tutorial: All about VDIs. If you want to look at or to extract someone else's BBcode is to quote the article and delete the quote block.

I also keep a backup master in my in my text editor and do all of the work there then use Ctl+V,Ctl+A, etc to past it across. And as I said, breaking the article into sections makes it more manageable. Another thing that I recommend is to program up some shortcuts to insert , etc

You will also see that <CR> and <SPACE> have significance, but that multiple spaces are collapsed. so

here is a list:
  • firstpoint

    is different from

    here is a list:
    • first point.

      You can also use
    to do indents, as well as do [list=1] for numbered lists.

    Also use the [url=http:....]url title[/url] format for references where practical. They are just easier on the eye.

    Anyway quote some of my tutorial to see these trick in action.

    PostPosted: 17. Sep 2008, 04:26
    by TerryE
    vkov_tinsky wrote:In the 2nd section (ok, and others) the font size of the third bullet point is too large unless I manually specify size=12. (As soon as I remove the code block it's fine). Is that a bug in phpBB2?
    For now I've manually forced the normal font size with additional size=12 statements.


    1. First bullet
    2. Second bullet
      Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
      And some code
    3. Third bullet
      What happened here?

    Well I use Firefox and nothing is happening. This brings up one of the issue that styles are handled through a mix of HTML and CSS markup, but CCS is interpreted subtly differently in different Browers. Especially if you are like me and use the Ff feature of font scaling.

    My recommendation is to stick to standard font sizes and use italics, bold and underline for emphasis. Only use larger fonts for stand-alone section or sub-headings. Also avoid too many blank lines were practical.