Add menu items for machine Details and Snapshots

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Add menu items for machine Details and Snapshots

Postby tse17 » 28. Nov 2017, 01:48

I'm not a fan of toolbars, so I tend to turn them off. But when I turn off the new toolbar in v5.2.x, I find that I can easily get the global tools Virtual Media Manager and Host Network Manager, because they are on the menu under File (with convenient shortcut keys) - but having done so, there appears to be no way to get back to the view of the machine tools Details or Snapshots (other than turn the toolbar back on).

(I'm running Virtual Box on Windows 7.)

Even with the tool bar visible, I am forced to use the mouse to select the machine tools, whereas other things I can do with the keyboard (eg Alt-F, V or Ctrl-D for the virtual media manager).

Menu items would be helpful, eg File -> Machine Details, File -> Snapshots
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Re: Add menu items for machine Details and Snapshots

Postby socratis » 28. Nov 2017, 02:07

  1. How on earth did you turn off the toolbar? I'd like to know ;)
  2. I wish I could give more than +1 for this. All actions should be in the menus, and a select few should be in the toolbar for "easy" access.

 Edit: Never mind, I found that if you click on the vertical separator you get three options: Show Toolbar, Show Toolbar Text, Show Status Bar. I already took out the Toolbar Text. Nice! 
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