Virtual Networking - list of reserved IP addresses

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Virtual Networking - list of reserved IP addresses

Postby ion_nsk_region » 24. Oct 2017, 07:26

I was suffering for a month due to lack of documentation. I set up NAT network - which allows 6 hosts. I know that first IP is reserved as a gateway - as it is frequently mentioned everywhere. So I try to use the rest 5 for VMs. It turns out that few other IP addresses from this network are also in use by VirtualBox. I found no comprehensive list of all IP addresses used by VirtualBox in manual Chapter 6. Virtual networking. It is not documented in GUI and I found no CLI option to obtain that information as well. NAT Network log also provides information about gateway IP only:
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00:00:01.495029 netif NT0: mac 52:54:00:12:35:00
00:00:01.495047 netif NT0: inet netmask

There is no other opportunity to get reserved IP addresses except manually re-calculate based on manual advanced topic 9.11. Fine-tuning the VirtualBox NAT engine:
I suppose in my case they are: - Gateway - DNS - TFTP
And also there must be DHCP somewhere. So only 2-3 spare IPs left out of 6 and it is not clear from user point of view which IP addresses are busy.

I suggest to provide information regarding reserved IP addresses in the Nat Network Details window via some pop-up (e.g. blue button with letter "i" nearby the Network CIDR field) and also document it in the manual Chapter 6 (e.g. put an example).
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