Windows 10S Installation

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Windows 10S Installation

Postby vinu batra » 15. Oct 2017, 12:41

I have Used virtual box for installing Windows 10s preview version.It didnt worked properly. Would Virtual box add support to 10S full version ? as 10s is going to release after diwali or for this new year for sure. Virtualbox should support latest versions of windows
vinu batra
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Re: Windows 10S Installation

Postby erdeslawe » 15. Oct 2017, 13:04

What "didn't work properly"? You need to be specific about what doesn't work.

Also Windows 10 S is only currently available (in a registered form) as a pre-installed operating system on Microsoft's Surface Laptop range, so why would it be necessary to install it directly as a Virtual Machine in preference to a full Windows 10 installation, when it far less capable? i.e. It can only install/run Windows 10 apps that are available from the Windows Store and will not install any desktop apps.

Edit: This article: ... dows-10-s/ (if it is accurate) suggests Windows 10 S can be installed using VirtualBox, but the 10 S installer has protection built in that has to be able to verify the a pre-existing 'qualifying Windows installation' to proceed; and that pre-existing system will, of course, be erased when 10 S is installed.
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Re: Windows 10S Installation

Postby socratis » 15. Oct 2017, 14:12

One little detail that's not mentioned in the linked article is that the Guest Additions (GAs) will not be able to get installed on Win10S, because they don't come from the store.
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Re: Windows 10S Installation

Postby mpack » 16. Oct 2017, 10:48

vinu batra wrote:I have Used virtual box for installing Windows 10s preview version. ... Virtualbox should support latest versions of windows

Even if we accept these assertions, do you see no problem with them?

A preview version is a beta. VirtualBox never supports betas. VirtualBox support, if it comes at all, comes after an OS exists, not before.

And in the case of Windows 10S, I'm not sure that support will happen anyway. If I was the Oracle devs I wouldn't want to jump through hoops to get the GAs in the Windows Store every time they get updated.
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