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Postby Jorrit2000 » 18. Sep 2017, 18:50

Hey there!

I'm running KaliLinux on a Windows host, and direct Wi-Fi-access is a must.

The problem is that internet is provided by the VirtualBox network adapter, a LAN-connection, and my Wi-Fi-adapter is an integrated PCI-card.

I've researched the entire internet, but nothing was found.

And yeah, I know that I can use a USB-adapter, but it would be great if there is a possibility to use the Wi-Fi in the directly in the guest-VM.

I hope that this will be included in a next update.
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Re: Wi-Fi

Postby michaln » 19. Sep 2017, 17:26

Jorrit2000 wrote:I hope that this will be included in a next update.

Without a business case for such a feature, it's quite unlikely.
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