MPU-401 Passthrough for SB16 audio

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MPU-401 Passthrough for SB16 audio

Postby kveroneau » 27. Sep 2014, 02:27

Currently the SB16 audio hardware for the guest doesn't support the MPU-401 hardware(MIDI support). So any applications wanting access to I/O port 330 won't work correctly. DOSBox gets around this by using the host's MIDI system, so it just sending any MIDI commands directly through to the host's MIDI driver. Then either the host's hardware or software synth system handles the rest. Passthrough MIDI in both directions would be great, but as long as I get MIDI out of the host, that's good enough for me.
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Re: MPU-401 Passthrough for SB16 audio

Postby michaln » 27. Sep 2014, 12:38

We're eagerly awaiting a patch :)
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