Summary of Most Requested Features

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Summary of Most Requested Features

Postby Technologov » 12. Nov 2010, 04:36

Since many people request the same features over and over again, I decided to summarize our knowledge of the current topics, and provide links to forum threads and bugzilla wishes to minimize duplicate efforts.

Please realize that VirtualBox is an Open-Source project anyone with programming skill can write code and submit the features in question.

Summary of Most Requested Features:
1. [FIXED in 4.0] OS Icons as VM shortcuts -- Wish #1889, Forum link
2. [FIXED in 4.2?] Parallel port support (LPT) -- Wish #990, Forum link
3. [semi-FIXED in 4.2] Drag-n-Drop -- Wish #81
4. [semi-FIXED in 4.1] PCI pass-through aka Intel VT-d/AMD IOMMU -- Wish #5252
5. Windows 98 guest additions -- [Need to find best wish], Community How-To
6. Mac OS X guest additions - link
7. [FIXED in 4.1] Windows 7/Vista Aero Glass 3D Desktop Effects

Discuss this topic in a separate thread. This thread is for reference only.
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