Guest Priorities (Automatic renice)

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Guest Priorities (Automatic renice)

Postby linickx » 8. Sep 2010, 12:49

Hello there!

A feature I'd really like to see a way of giving CPU priorities to Guest VM's via the GUI ... this is something I've seen can be done in parallels and I already do manually on the CLI.

For example on my desktop I might be running 4 guests,

* Guest A is a buggy image maintained by someone else that I use for testing (such as a corporate laptop image)
* Guest B is my development image
* Guest C & D are server images used for testing

Since guest A has a load of corporate apps which run in the background consuming un-necessary resource, I want to give it a low priority.
Guest B is the image that I'm working on and need to be as 'snappy' as possible with a high priority
I have no preference on how Guest C & D run.

Currently I achieve this by running, ps -aux | grep startvm, like this....

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linickx:~ nick$ ps -aux | grep startvm
nick      5312  14.1  8.6  1383432 359180   ??  R    11:42am   0:04.85 /Applications/ --comment WinXP --startvm d930364f-4067-4b62-b975-09677b3fd000 --no-startvm-errormsgbox
nick      5315   0.3  0.0  2425520    100 s004  R+   11:42am   0:00.00 grep startvm
linickx:~ nick$

and then using renice, so this would make the guest WinXP a low priority...

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linickx:~ nick$ renice +10 -p 5312

I find that -1 for high priority and +10 for low, work quiet well.

The issue with this is that I have to ps/renice every time I start a guest, being able to save the priorities in the GUI would be major feature to me :-)
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