Request change to extension pack location

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Request change to extension pack location

Postby cj_mills » 18. Nov 2021, 06:47


I hit an issue when using VirtualBox on Fedora Silverblue. Because Silverblue has an immutable filesystem, except for a few key directories, the extension packs cannot be installed under `/usr/lib`. They could however be installed under `/usr/local/lib` as `/usr/local` is one of the directories that are not immutable.

Would it be possible to add a configuration option to change the location of extension packs?

Note, I am not sure if other directories are required beyond `/usr/lib` since that is as far as I got in the process!


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Re: Request change to extension pack location

Postby mpack » 18. Nov 2021, 11:50

You posted in the "Linux Hosts" forum, but in this case I think a better forum would have been "Suggestions". I'll move the topic.
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Re: Request change to extension pack location

Postby klaus » 29. Nov 2021, 20:58

Sounds to me like Silverblue needing a special VirtualBox package. I doubt we'll unconditionally move the extension pack base directory since it's intentionally near the main VirtualBox package.
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