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VM to Bootcamp

PostPosted: 1. Jun 2019, 20:09
by Morris
Hi there,

I would like to use my Virtual Machine as a Bootcamp-machine on my MBP 2018.

The OS of the VM is actually Windows 7, 64bit.
The problem is, that bootcamp for MBP 2018 only supports Windows 10.

So Iam updating it to Windows 10 at the moment.

Next thing, is to transfer everything to get a running bootcamp-machine.

Does anyone ever tried that before?
Is there any solution how to do that?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards

Is it possible to do update to Windows 10 and then create a System Image backup with board tools?
After then, I create a new bootcamp and restore the system image backup?

Does that work?

Re: VM to Bootcamp

PostPosted: 3. Jun 2019, 05:22
by socratis
Just my 2ยข, it doesn't sound easy. EFI booting, and specifically Apple EFI booting is a complete different beast than anything out there. I would go straight for creating a Bootcamp image from scratch.