VirtualBox Error Code -1908 on macOS Mojave

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VirtualBox Error Code -1908 on macOS Mojave

Postby JustAnotherTechguy » 18. May 2019, 10:45

Hello all,

I have been a long time VirtualBox user and recently i got my first Macintosh, but it is not installing correctly. However, even though the install fails it allows me to launch VirtualBox but it gives me error codes about Kernel addons.

I have done some research and nothing is helpful. I tried disabling Gatekeeper since during the install macOS does not allow me to allow Oracle certificate as in, it does not give me the option and not even that works. So i am not convinced it is GateKeeper.

I am running macOS version 10.14.5 and VT-x is enabled and i already checked all of Apple's firmware updates and all of them say it is not needed on my Mac and i even saw VT-x enabled in the Terminal.

I am getting an error code -1908 'VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) - The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOENT.' was one error message and the second is "
Component MachineWrap
Interface IMachine {5047460a-265d-4538-b22e-dda5fb84976}"

Thank you for any assistance given.



VirtualBox version is 6.0.8 r130520 (Qt5.6.3)
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Re: VirtualBox Error Code -1908 on macOS Mojave

Postby socratis » 18. May 2019, 11:57

JustAnotherTechguy wrote:I have done some research and nothing is helpful

I'm sorry to say that but no, your research wasn't thorough. Please try again by reading the existing threads, in the "OSX Hosts" category that you posted your message.
If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones.
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