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A disk read error occurred

PostPosted: 19. Jul 2007, 18:11
by jleonar
I decided to give virtualbox a try. I currently use VMware fusion.

I copied my fusion disk image of Windows XP to another directory and setup virtualbox to use that hard drive. When I try to start up the virtual machine I get:

A disk read error occurred
Press CTRL+Alt+Del to restart

I thought that virtualbox was supporting vmware's disk format. Is that not the case?

PostPosted: 20. Jul 2007, 20:32
by jleonar
No help???

PostPosted: 20. Jul 2007, 22:41
by achimha

PostPosted: 21. Jul 2007, 00:33
by jleonar
achimha wrote:Check out this document:

it doesn't even start booting windows........