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Problems Host Networking on OSX Host

PostPosted: 5. Sep 2008, 22:17
by martoro
With Version 2.0 Host Networking should work on OSX Hosts. So tested it but the vm (ubuntu) cannot access the internet.

The network configuration of the vm seems strange:
Host IP:
I expected that both would be in the subnet where dhcp is managing the ip's.

The host and the vm can see each other but the vm cannot use the rest of the network.

Does anyone have a hint how to fix this?
Regards Martin

MacbookPro, Intel
Host: OSX Leopard VM: Ubuntu Hardy
VM-Network: Host Networking, PCnet-fastIII, over Airport

Host networking doesn't work with Airport on Macos

PostPosted: 7. Sep 2008, 01:06
by Erryck
I have the same problem, on macbook pro (mac os 10.5.3) with VirtualBox 2.0

Airport Card
Type de carte sans fil : AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x87)
Paramètres régionaux de la carte sans fil : International
Version du programme interne de la carte sans fil :

With the ethernet card, it's ok

If someone have a soluce, i take it

The VM ip is not "strange" : it's an APIPA address. An address reserve and auto-allotted when the ethernet card don't had a response off dhcp server. ;-)

PostPosted: 7. Sep 2008, 09:33
by aquarius
I had success with host networking over the airport WiFi of my MacBook Pro.
But my XP SP3 guest only got a proper config from DHCP after I deactivated and restarted the airport connection.

PostPosted: 7. Sep 2008, 10:09
by Erryck
Yes, i have no problem with XP guest and host networking with airport.

It's with linux guests that the problem appears, like Ubunutu, Debian.

PostPosted: 7. Sep 2008, 21:16
by peejay
I have no problems with Ubuntu (8.04) accessing the internet with VB 2.0. I'm using an iMac with OS 10.5.4, accessing the internet wirelessly via an Airport Express. Also OpenSolaris running as another guest also connects to the internet OK.

PostPosted: 8. Sep 2008, 05:24
by Son of a Beach
Host interface networking ain't working here either (Windows XP guest). Version 2.0 is turning out to be a serious let down so far, as this was the one feature I really needed.

With a guest (VM) system running with host interface networking, should I be seeing an additional virtual interface on the host (Mac OS X) system using 'ifconfig'? (and in System Preferences -> Network?)

'ifconfig -a' on the host system shows no such additional interface exists.

PostPosted: 8. Sep 2008, 10:04
by peejay
I don't think that you can see the guest from the host, even with shared folders enabled, but you can of course see the host from the guest. You should be able to see the Mac via "Windows Network" in the guest OS.

Networking works on Cable Network

PostPosted: 8. Sep 2008, 17:12
by martoro
On a similar notebook wich is connected via cable the host-interface networking runs like i expected. Im still confused what going wrong with airport.

PostPosted: 8. Sep 2008, 23:33
by Son of a Beach
peejay wrote:I don't think that you can see the guest from the host, even with shared folders enabled, but you can of course see the host from the guest. You should be able to see the Mac via "Windows Network" in the guest OS.

Not a chance in my case. The guest (windows) has a self-assigned IP address, and is therefore in a completely separate private subnet. It is clearly not able to connect to the DHCP server, and is therefore not getting a valid IP address.

Host Interface networking just ain't working (on my system, at least).

PostPosted: 9. Sep 2008, 20:57
by chrisw
Is that with wireless or cable connected? In my case it seems to be a wireless issue only, it sends a request to the DHCP server but the answer is not forwarded to the virtual machines. What could be blocking the DHCP answer?

Mac Host Networking in 2.0: some Linux okay, some not

PostPosted: 9. Sep 2008, 22:12
by rm53
my results with Host Networking on Mac as Host vary across the guest distribution type:

- the guest Linux openSUSE 11 cannot get up eth0 neither with DHCP nor with fixed IP address, so no communication possible (but both work fine with NAT networking)

- the guest Linux DamnSmallLinux can do it with fixed IP addressing, but not with DHCP

in both experiments I used only the airport (en1) as the physical networking device on the MacBook.

Mysterious. Is anybody of the VirtualBox team reading this thread?

Finally I succeeded with openSUSE 11 by switching the Mac (!!!) to an environment with fixed IP address. Now I have Internet and ping (in and out) and can use openSUSE as server all at once, nice.
Still I am wondering why openSUSE needs fixed IP addresses on the Mac side (on the host) while DamnSmallLinux does not care about this?

No luck here either

PostPosted: 29. Sep 2008, 22:44
by d4vo
I am having problems with Host Interface as well.

I am running Fedora 9 on Mac OS X 10.5.5 running on an Intel iMac with static IP using Virtualbox 2.0.2

With the NAT engine of Virtualbox I get full network connection as soon as I change to Host Interface eth0 I get nothing. Have searched all the places I can think of with no luck. I want to run this vm with a static IP.

Any ideas what the problem is?

.....or here

PostPosted: 30. Sep 2008, 15:42
by d4vo
I thought I would try going back a version of OS to Fedora 8 to see if it made any difference. I know that F9 is a bit buggy with network settings.

It was not sucessful. I don't know what is wrong. If I try route -nee and ifconfig I can see that the eth0 is up and is sending and receiving packets and is correctly configure to the gateway but still no external access.

The only way to get internet connection is through Virtualbox's NAT setting and guest DHCP which is not what I want. I need the Fedora vm to be on the same primary zone as the host machine with a static IP not on a subnet with a dynamically assigned IP. I can't even use port forwarding because the IP is assigned via DHCP.

If anyone has had any luck please let me now. Thanks

Should virtual interface be visible in Mac OS?

PostPosted: 5. Oct 2008, 00:54
by ilikeimac
To those who have this working, do you see any new interfaces in the output of 'ifconfig' or in the Network preference pane?

Son of a Beach asked this question, and I don't see a conclusive answer. The manual says that Linux hosts will see a new interface similar to 'vbox0' in 'ifconfig', so I would have guessed that Mac OS X hosts would see it as well. Host interface networking is not working for me with either Fedora or Ubuntu guests, and I do not see extra interfaces in 'ifconfig' or the Network preference pane.



PostPosted: 12. Oct 2008, 05:05
by ilikeimac