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Static IP Works

Postby ilikeimac » 12. Oct 2008, 05:20

Well, I see now that configuring my Fedora 9 VM statically works, so its just the DHCP that fails when using "Host Interface" networking. Still no sign of a virtual device in my ifconfig output, but the VM and the Mac can ping each other.
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Re: Problems Host Networking on OSX Host

Postby fletchermcbeth » 5. Mar 2009, 04:21

I am of the opinion that communications traffic between the Mac Host and virtualized guest OS' should not occur across the wireless (en1) network. Alternatively, I suggest that HostOS/GuestOS communications be limited to a more hard-wired-centric private network (such as en0). Communications between the private network and the Internet IMNSHO should be supported via NAT bridging between en0 and en1. I have posted a how-to article on setting up three virtualized OpenSolaris 2.1 machines within an Airport Enabled MacBook Pro (10.5.6) using VBox 2.1.4

This article can be found at:

In particular the readers of this thread would be interested in Parts 3 & 4.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Problems Host Networking on OSX Host

Postby andrewsharpe79 » 29. Mar 2009, 15:02

I also have this problem but am currently working around it based on information in the following thread:
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