Connecting to VB from host machine

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Connecting to VB from host machine

Postby Norgul » 5. Mar 2019, 09:57

I have a Win 7 virtual machine on VirtualBox 5.2. on my MacOS Mojave 10.14.3

It has a bridged connection over same ethernet adapter as my host. This all works fine.
When I start a VM I can easily ping from host to VM. This also works fine.
When I open a VPN tunnel from VM to a remote machine I can still ping the VM from host.

However, once the VPN is established and I open to start a Putty session to SSH to the remote machine and tunnel some ports locally, the connection breaks. I can no longer ping VM from host. Inside VM everything is fine though, I can SSH to remote and the connection is alive.

Why can this be happening and can I do something to prevent it?

EDIT: when break happens, if I shut down Putty session, switch network back and forth from ethernet to WiFi adapter, it gains access again
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