Share a folder or volume from MacOS to Windows10

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Share a folder or volume from MacOS to Windows10

Postby dcBelle » 21. Jan 2019, 15:47

Hey everyone,
I hope you guys can help me out. I'm trying to share some huge files from my Mac to the Windows 10 I'm using with VirtualBox, and back as well.
The iMac is running High Sierra 10.13.3, the VirtualBox is 6.0.2. I have installed the Extension Pack in VirtualBox.
I can not find the folder or the shared volume (USB3 via USB hub) in Windows.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Share a folder or volume from MacOS to Windows10

Postby mpack » 21. Jan 2019, 15:55

You have not provided any evidence that you configured a shared folder or installed the Guest Additions that the feature requires (the extension pack is not relevant).

In any case I suspect that a simple shared folder will not do the job you want it to do. You probably need to set up a true SMB or SMB2 network share. All VirtualBox provides in that case is the common network connection (bridged or host-only). Otherwise sharing would be set up in the same way you would if the two PCs were physical: the howto should be easily found using Google.
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