Text is not readable in a Win10 guest

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Re: Text is not readable in a Win10 guest

Postby KaleidosCope » 8. May 2019, 11:54

Hi. Same problem here.

Host:iMacPro, Mojave, VB 6.0.6 / Guest: W10Pro

3 Files:
VGA-3D_on.zip: Quick and responsive guest. Minor glitches while mouse hovering on the 2nd visit (click - go back ... voila!)
SVGA-3D_on.zip: Slow, lagging guest. Font distortion after mouse hover. After some minutes unresponsive.
SVGA-3D_off.zip: Slow, less lagging than previous test. No font or grafx glitches. No 3D ;)

VG-3D_on is my actual choice.
(40.17 KiB) Downloaded 13 times
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Re: Text is not readable in a Win10 guest

Postby socratis » 4. Sep 2019, 10:26

Can you all try with 6.0.12? It seems that the issue has been addressed...
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