VirtualBox runs slow on MacBook Pro 2018 (screen refreshes slow)

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Re: VirtualBox runs slow on MacBook Pro 2018 (screen refreshes slow)

Postby rizvbox » 24. Jul 2020, 12:53

Same problem here.
MacBook Pro 2109, Vbox 6.1.12 and Debian 10 as guest system with Gnome aboard.
Problems: when type a word text is being display with some delays and whit repeated characters as previously reported from @purple_rw
Also for opening an app, like Firefox or simply the Terminal for example, it tooks too much time.
Everything is too lagged: from the start of the machine to the gnome window login, it takes more then 2 minutes...
I'm now running on 1920x1080 with the "Open in Low Resolution" option enable, but for me is still unusable and this option didn't help too much.
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Re: VirtualBox runs slow on MacBook Pro 2018 (screen refreshes slow)

Postby Dajood » 29. Jul 2020, 11:59

Same problem here, just as rizvbox mentioned: MacBook Pro 2019, Linux Mint Guest, extremely slow screen refreshes. I followed the "low dpi" workaround without any success.

I also see terminal inputs with several repeated charaters that make using the Guest OS very painful.
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Re: VirtualBox runs slow on MacBook Pro 2018 (screen refreshes slow)

Postby mikemountjoy » 20. Aug 2020, 11:09

I seem to have a fairly usable install of Ubuntu 20.04 running on Virtualbox Version 6.1.12 r139181 on MacOS 10.15.6 on a Macbook Pro 2018

I have disabled 3d Acceleration , I am using VMSVGA as my Graphics Driver, I configured VBox to use 4 cpus and Paravirtualisation Interface is default

In my Ubuntu guest I installed compizconfig-settings-manager

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sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager && ccsm

I then ran compizconfig-settings-manager and then in General->OpenGL I unticked Framebuffer object

Running software like chrome was instantly more responsive.

I am running 1920x1080 resolution scaled to 200%
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Re: VirtualBox runs slow on MacBook Pro 2018 (screen refreshes slow)

Postby petros2 » 22. Aug 2020, 17:42

In my case (Macbook pro 2015 retina, dual core i7, 16 GiB RAM, MacOS 10.15.6, external monitor at 2560x1440, Virtualbox 6.1.12), the guest Linux system has slow graphics rendering only when I use the external monitor. If I move the VM window to the internal monitor, rendering is very fast, similar to my other Linux computers. Toggling "Open in low resolution" does not seem to have noticeable effect in rendering speed. What does seem to have an effect is moving focus to another window; it seems to improve rendering speed by two times. If I leave the VM window on the external display and e.g. some command produces a lot of output, rendering is often so slow that keyboard and mouse input are delayed until the output is finished.
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