What version do I use?

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What version do I use?

Postby c_d » 19. Nov 2017, 00:33

I'm trying to install on osx 10.5.8, I believe this Leopard. I had a version working but I deleted it. It would not run any V machines. (I'll post a separate question about this issue).

Where can I find a list of which versions run on what hardware? I've googled for many hours before asking but can't find anything official. How can I know which version to install, rather than just trying versions at random, as I am doing now? This is an intel core duo, the white mac, which I think it a 32bit machine.

(Third party sites have some suggestions but they have been wrong, and the suggestions would not run. Machine itself does not sef detect)
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Re: What version do I use?

Postby rpmurray » 19. Nov 2017, 02:48

If your host is OS X 10.5.8 then you should be able to use the 4.1.x releases of VirtualBox. The 4.2.x and above versions require OS X 10.6.x and above on the host.
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