VM autostart only headless

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VM autostart only headless

Postby Greg77 » 18. Nov 2017, 17:31

I use newest MacOs High Sierra, newest virtualbox stable and newest guest additions.

There is a problem autostarting a vm during boot up of host.
I have configured like described in the virtualbox manual within launchdaemon.

The result is a autostarting vm (e.g. Windows 10 Pro) but only in the background (headless).
My goal is to have the vm in gui mode and fullscreen.

When a use VBoxManage startvm by hand after finishing boot time all is fine.

I think it is a bug.
Please help, maybe a config is missing or please fix this issue.

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Re: VM autostart only headless

Postby socratis » 21. Nov 2017, 18:27

Greg77 wrote:I think it is a bug.

Actually no, it's not, that's how it's supposed to work. If you use the "launchd" service, this is what you should expect: no GUI, since the daemons are reserved for the system, and the system at this point has no user logged in that can own a VM, that can own a GUI.

What you need/want to do is to right-click on the VM in VirtualBox Manager » Create Alias on Desktop, find that alias (shortcut), drag it to your Dock, right-click on in and select Options » Open at Login.

Let me know if it works as I haven't tried it personally...
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