OpenGL won't work on 2016 MacBook Pro

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OpenGL won't work on 2016 MacBook Pro

Postby Paulsw25 » 15. Nov 2017, 17:38


I'm running a Windows 10 guest to use Autodesk Inventor and 3DS Max. I'm a student and using a 3D printer. I use 3DS Max to create the coloured models before printing them. However 3DS Max will not open on my computer. I had the same issue before with CURA, which is a a model slicing software used in 3D printing, but thankfully there was a Mac version of that that I can use.

Using this software is part of my project and I need to get it to work asap. It's not on any of the PCs in the college but as a student I can download it to my computer for free.

I have the Intel HD Graphics 530 and also have the Radeon Pro 460 graphics card. I was unable to find a driver for the radeon that I could install on the Windows 10 guest. I believe that that is the issue though? The Windows guest needs a driver for my graphics card?

Does anyone have a workaround for this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: OpenGL won't work on 2016 MacBook Pro

Postby mpack » 15. Nov 2017, 18:38

I think you need to read the previous discussion we had on this.

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