Windows 10 Startup Freezes

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Windows 10 Startup Freezes

Postby russ_vb » 10. Nov 2017, 03:07

I'm running VirtualBox v5.1.30 on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. When I start a Windows 10 client it freezes before I get to the login prompt.

It was working fine until yesterday. I didn't shutdown the VM client when I disconnected from an external display and closed my laptop. When I later opened my Mac, my mac wouldn't respond to any keyboard presses at all. The only option was to hold the power down and restart it.

When I launch my Windows VM, it freezes on launch. I have tried a few things in this forum without any success. I have attached a log.

It seems to be failing to load the condrv.sys service.
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Re: Windows 10 Startup Freezes

Postby mpack » 10. Nov 2017, 11:48

At present you have a 4-core host and assign all 4 cores to the VM. Ironically leaving none to run VirtualBox itself, nor the host OS. Lags and freezes are to be expected. I would allocate 2 cores to the VM.

Still, I doubt that that is your main problem. I suspect that your problem is OpenGL related. What happens if you disable 3D acceleration in the VM settings?
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Re: Windows 10 Startup Freezes

Postby russ_vb » 10. Nov 2017, 12:53

Thanks for your reply.

I originally just had one core allocated. It was freezing with just one so I bumped it to 4 to see if it could get to the login screen. I dropped it back to one again but it didn't help.

I didn't have 2D or 3D acceleration on when it froze. I have tried turning 2D on (and 2D & 3D) but it didn't help. They are currently both off.

I have attached a new log (with one core and 3D/2D acc off).

It can startup in safe mode. I turned windows boot logging on and followed a Microsoft forum discussion titled Windows 10 Hangs on Startup to discover the last service the system tries to load (condrv.sys).

Steps to determine the faulty driver:
1. Run MSCONFIG again, click the Boot tab, and check the "Boot log" box
2. Reboot your PC. When your PC hangs, shut it down and turn it back on so you can log in.
3. After you log in, run MSCONFIG again and disable the "Boot log" option.
4. In the \Windows folder, you'll see a file named NTBTLOG.TXT. Open the file and scroll to the bottom of the file. Then scroll up until you see the date and time. The line immediately above that time stamp is the last driver it attempted to load.

The condrv service is a bit of a mixed bag.
I tried resetting the condrv service to manual (default) using SC but it didn't help. I also ran SFC /SCANNOW but it reported that no issues were found.

I tried repairing Windows using the installation iso but windows wouldn't allow the repair to begin.
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