VBOX GuestAdditions and Fedora 9 guest

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VBOX GuestAdditions and Fedora 9 guest

Postby Zenmaier » 7. Jul 2008, 17:01

I want to install Guest additions on Fedora9 guest but
even after installed kernel headers and devel packages it said
"please install build and header files of your kernel..."
what's the hell ?

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Postby NickLeverton » 8. Jul 2008, 12:46

Make sure the kernel headers you installed match the running kernel. Check version with "uname -a". If there have been updates since you installed, you will need the new kernel as well.

yum install gcc kernel kernel-headers kernel-devel

Reboot the VM to make sure you have new kernel, if one was installed.

Then retry running VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
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