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Upgrade from VBox 1.5.51 to 1.6.2

PostPosted: 30. Jun 2008, 11:04
by hkogekar
I have VBox 1.5.51 running on Mac Os/x 1.4. Tiger with Win Xp SP2 guest OS.

Last time when I tried to upgrade from Vbox 1.4 to 1.5 I had to reinstall the entire guest os and all the applications. I prefer not to have to do the same from 1.5.51 to 1.6.2 version. There do not seem to any instructions on the upgrade only for an installation.

1. Is it possible to upgrade to a new version without having to reinstall guest o/s?
2. What steps I can take to ensure a smooth migration.
3. Are the shared folder and USB support issues resolved in this version?

Thank you in advance for your help. :D

PostPosted: 30. Jun 2008, 12:51
by pvmstg
Hi, I had about the same thing... I had a win2000 vdi with all install. The way to do... it's working for me..

Make a copy of your vdi, just in case.

Update vb... open it... delete your virtual machine, create a new one... and link to the vdi...

When I open the old one it's doesn't work... but with a new virtual machine link to my old vdi... whow... all goes fine.

PostPosted: 2. Jul 2008, 03:05
by hkogekar

I tried to follow the instructions but since I had snapshots deleting the vdi meant getting rid of the the snapshots. After that it connected to new VM ok but I had lost all the programs loaded after the original snapshot.

I ended up doing the full install any way. At least the shared folder works and so does the USB. I still need to enter a DNS for the network to work though.

PostPosted: 2. Jul 2008, 12:12
by csabesz
Not sure about others, but on my MacBook Pro Vbox 1.6.2 chows 100% CPU all the time, even when the guest OS is idle. (I have XP and Solaris guests, same behaviour)

Any ideas?

(already disabled shared clipboard, did not help)

PostPosted: 2. Jul 2008, 14:18
by csabesz
OK, had to disable USB support and now CPU is about 18% when the guest is idle..