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Download broken?

PostPosted: 23. Jun 2008, 23:41
by ramzez
I have just downloaded VirtualBox-1.6.2-OSX_x86.dmg.bz2 however after extracting the file the image fails to mount, anyone seen this problem?

PostPosted: 23. Jun 2008, 23:48
by m@riposa
Remove the .bz2-extension and try again extracting the file.

PostPosted: 24. Jun 2008, 00:10
by ramzez
that worked, excellents. thanks!

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2008, 14:29
by h1d
Why are they not fixing this? It can be a show stopper for average mac users if the downloaded file just doesn't work?

I was about to just stick with vmware, until I figured out, the downloaded bz2 was actually a dmg file with redundant extension.

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2008, 15:20
by m@riposa
Since the developers are reading in this forum, I'm also wondering why they don't fix it. Maybe they aren't aware of the "bug" because there is no ticket in the bugtracker.

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2008, 19:33
by sandervl
We are aware of the problem. The downloads will (hopefully) shortly move to another place and fix this in the process.