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How to create/convert floppy images?

PostPosted: 18. Jun 2008, 03:36
by screw69
I have a bunch of floppy images, which I need to boot the virtual machine to continue installing the OS from CD-ROM.
In particular these are OpenStep-4.2-intel boot floppies. These floppy images work just fine with Parallels. Since I want to run OpenStep in the background to replace aging hardware, it's either Parallels Server (at a ridiculous price of $1200+) or VirtualBox at a reasonable price ($0).

However, the floppy images I have are rejected by VirtualBox, even though they work just fine with Parallels. An attempt at converting them with

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VBoxManage convertdd 4.2_Install_Disk.fdd 4.2_Install_Disk.vdi

didn't result in a bootable floppy image, either. What's the trick?

Same problem...

PostPosted: 19. Jun 2008, 15:00
by rcfa account. If anyone has an answer and decides to send a PM, please to this account. The other was temporary because the authorization e-mail for this account never showed up...