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Need help installing Windows XP from floppy image + CD

PostPosted: 7. Jun 2008, 17:30
by rpmdesigns
The floppy image (.vfd file) and the CD are the ones that came with Virtual PC 6.

I attached the floppy image and I mounted the CD ROM in the machine settings.

I get a command line prompt with nothing but "A>"

I don't know where to go from there. I know it's supposed to automatically "run" or mount the CD or something, but all I get is the command prompt.

What should I enter here?

I entered "B>" and I didn't get an error. Then I entered "I386" and I didn't get an error either so I assume the CD is mapped to the B drive.

What else? What file do I call or enter in the command line?

Please advise if there are steps that I am completely overlooking or that I am doing wrong.

Any questions and/or comments would be greatly appreciated.

PostPosted: 7. Jun 2008, 21:34
by m@riposa
I suggest that you repost this question in the forum for Windows guests since it isn't specially related to the Mac host. So you'll adress a wider audience.

For myself, I have no clue because I never tried something like this.