Increasing memory of Mac OSX after installation, Mac Host

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Increasing memory of Mac OSX after installation, Mac Host

Postby aephotos » 24. Jul 2015, 18:48

I am running a MacBook Pro with lots of ram, 16GB. I use several OS:es (virtual images) to do different things. Among them is parallel copy of my normal OSX, Mavericks (10.9.5). So I´m running OSX Mavericks as my HOST, and also as my Guest OS. It installed fine (that is, my virtual version of OSX Mavericks), but when I now upgraded my memory in my computer (the physical machine), I also wanted to increase the used memory of the Guest OS. That was a no-no. If I try to increase the memory of the Guest OSX Mavericks it just opens a black window that changes size every minute or so. It wont boot up, no text flashes before my eyes.

It seems to be an issue with the Swap-File, if I understand it. That is to say, the "virtual swap file" inside of the virtual machine.

How do I solve this?

1: maybe there is a way to view the files inside the HDD-file, the .vdi image file that is. :idea:
2: maybe I should just take the 2,5 hours it took to install it all and re-do it. :idea:
2.1: that would be a bad idea, as this will happen every time, likely... not my idea of a fun time! :wink:

Please help.

If I have to write the word "virtual" again I´ll loose my mind. :) :lol:
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Re: Increasing memory of Mac OSX after installation, Mac Hos

Postby loukingjr » 24. Jul 2015, 19:12

I've only installed a OSX guest twice. One was 10.6.8 and one was 10.10. My experience was once installed, you couldn't change almost any setting without the guest failing. So if you want more memory in your guest I think you may have to reinstall it.

Why it took 2.5 hours the first time I have no idea. It's never taken anything like 2.5 hours for me to install an OS, virtual or physical on any computer ever, in 20+ years.
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Re: Increasing memory of Mac OSX after installation, Mac Hos

Postby aephotos » 24. Jul 2015, 20:09

Hello. Thanks for your reply. Nice to know I´m not alone in things not being able to be changed post installation.

Although, now i am trying to re-install it and it will not do anything if I increase the memory to more than 2GB. Maybe the machine is remembering the installation config of the past machine. I deleted all data from all places I could think of. Can not remove things from Application Support, then all others will fail too, most likely. Deleted all images and files, folders and settings for the previous machine. Now still the memory can not be set to over 2048mb, even though I have 16GB of physical ram installed.
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