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Migrating to a new computer

PostPosted: 29. May 2008, 17:56
by mattymonkey
Hi, I was wondering if there was anything special I needed to do to migrate my guests to my new Mac.

Is it as simple as copying the virtual drive's .vdi file and creating a new virtual machine and pointing it to the old .vdi?

I have XP guests, Ubuntu, and CentOS.


PostPosted: 29. May 2008, 21:07
by m@riposa
It *should* be as simple as that. Most likely this will do.

Im gunna do it anyway!

PostPosted: 29. May 2008, 21:11
by mattymonkey
And I'll let you know! :)

PostPosted: 27. Jun 2008, 18:34
by hamah
if you use the Mac Migration Assistant to move to your new mac all of this is taken care of.