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PLEASE HELP!! CAN'T PRESS f8 on mac book!!

PostPosted: 25. May 2008, 03:29
by kilox
ok, here is the problem...
when i start the system, and it boots of the disk.. the winxp setup comes up, i press enter to setup the windows and the next screen it says press f8 to agree... BUT WHEN I PRESS f8 it switches lights on or off for mac and automatically switches away from the simulator... Please help how to fix it >.< thank you sooo much

PostPosted: 26. May 2008, 09:42
by poetzsch
Use fn+f8.


PostPosted: 14. Jun 2008, 17:31
by Koppie
Just had the same problem. Fn + F8 worked for me. Thanks!