Raw Disk Partitions

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Raw Disk Partitions

Post by granada29 »

I've successfully created a raw disk file (.vmdk) and then installed and run Linux from it. I've had a look but can't see if anyone has done a little app to set the permissions and disk ID.

At the moment, each time I attach the external USB drive that I use as a raw disk, I have to run diskutil to find the disk number, (i.e. /dev/diskN), sudo chown myself /dev/diskN* and then edit the .vmdk file to make sure the /dev/diskN is correct. e.g. at the moment my .vmdk file has a line 'RW 976773168 FLAT "/dev/disk4" 0' and if N != 4 then this has to be modified.

It would seem to be a simple enough app to write for MacOS, perhaps with a setuid helper so that the root user doesn't have to be entered every time and I'm wondering if such a thing exists, or maybe Oracle have it in their roadmap for VirtualBox.

Any advice, suggestions appreciated

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Re: Raw Disk Partitions

Post by Perryg »

or maybe Oracle have it in their roadmap for VirtualBox
Given this is such a dangerous way to access the guest drive, I seriously doubt Oracle or VirtualBox will make it a real feature.

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