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Macintosh Install Failed (v.1.6.0)

PostPosted: 16. May 2008, 20:49
by kunau
Installing with the GUI installer and by hand produce the same result:

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[corbu:/Volumes/VirtualBox] root# installer -pkg ./VirtualBox.mpkg -target /
installer: Package name is Sun xVM VirtualBox
installer: Upgrading at base path /
installer: The upgrade failed (The following install step failed: run postflight script for Sun xVM VirtualBox Kernel Extension. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.)

I'm running a 2xQuad Xeon Mac Pro with 5GB RAM and 2x750GB disk. This should be plenty.

Has anyone seen this and is there a fix?



Getting the same error upon attempted update of VirtualBox

PostPosted: 19. May 2008, 21:41
by laughfactory
Hi there,

I, too, am getting the same error: "The following install step failed: run postflight script for Sun xVM VirtualBox Kernel Extension..."

I'm attempting to upgrade from version 1.5.51 (if I remember correctly).

Anyone have a clue what the issue is here?

me too

PostPosted: 20. May 2008, 22:04
by huzzam
Same issue on MacBook (10.5.2, Core2Duo 2gHz, 2Gb). I have an old VirtualBox version installed, which hasn't worked in some time. Now on trying to upgrade, I get the same error as the thread author.

Oakland, California, USA

bug filed?

PostPosted: 20. May 2008, 22:42
by huzzam
has anyone filed a bug on this? i'll check, and if not i'll file one.


PostPosted: 26. May 2008, 04:40
by keung_000211
HI, i'm using macbook pro 2.4, C2D 2.4, 4GB ram. using OSX 10.5.2

First time install virtualbox 1.6, everything fine. After uninstall & re-install, same problem occur. Kernel extension fail & cause a OSX hang. I need press the power button for 5 secs to reset.

Then i proceed a SMC reset, reboot into OSX & re-install.

Success install this time!!!!

Hong Kong

1.6.2 works for me.

PostPosted: 16. Jun 2008, 17:40
by kunau
Installed successfully with version 1.6.2.