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Postby mosborn » 25. Jun 2007, 14:52

I'm a little new to OSX. Do I need to run an uninstaller, or do I just remove the directory? I tried

sudo ./VirtualBox uninstall

and it just launches the app.

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Postby newhere123 » 25. Jun 2007, 19:40

I'm a little new myself, but from my experience, you just drag it out of the Applications folder and into the Trash. (Because most apps are installed by just dragging it into the App folder, and the VirtualBox installer seems to do that.) Some programs (not this one) add options to menu buttons, and those options can be removed by going into some upper directory.
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Postby Son of a Beach » 20. Jul 2007, 06:09

No you cannot uninstall VirtualBox completely by simply dragging it from the Applications folder to the Trash. Although you can do so for most applications, VB is a bit more complex than most, and needs to install into other places (in particular it includes a kernel extension, I believe).

However, there is an uninstall too in the distribution. If you no longer have your original download, get it again, and have a look inside. You'll find the tool, "VirtualBox_Uninstall.tool" (at least for version 1.4.1).

Having said that, if you just drag it to the Trash, it shouldn't be a problem. The kernel extension will still be there, but shouldn't interfere with anything. But best to uninstall it properly to be on the safe side.
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