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PostPosted: 22. Jun 2007, 23:38
by newhere123
I've just been using Parallels Desktop for Mac (to run Windows XP) for a few months and heard about this free program. I tried it out, and it sure is impressive for free! Anyway, I figured I should tell you what I think needs to be fixed.

The mouse integration needs to be improved. It should act like it is in the mouse's own operating system just when the mouse moves to the different os, but currently you sometimes have to click to get it to switch. BUG: When in full screen mode, the mouse acts like a Mac mouse when it is at the top of the screen (where the mac menu bar would be), so you can't click the buttons on windows which are full size.

Allow drag/n/drop files between host and guest OS.

Have an option not to disable some Mac operations, including expose'.

BUG: when I first tried installing the additional guest tools, it wouldn't work. I had to unmount and remount the cd drive before it would work.

BUG: After you click on an option from the VirtualBox's menus, the tip at the bottom of the window (which says what the menu button does) remains.

Have an option to make a shortcut for a specific OS.

Try to work on 3d support.

Try to make something like Parallels's coherence. And make it so that you can open a .doc file (for example) from Mac and have word open in VirtualBox.

If there are any free spyware, virus, and/or firewall tools out there, have them installable from a button next to the install guest additions button in the menu.

If more stuff comes to mind, I'll let you know...

Keep it up!

PostPosted: 22. Jun 2007, 23:42
by newhere123
Oh, yeah. Make sure you support the USB changes that came with Mac OS 10.4.10 update. When you plug a USB device in, a window should pop up asking to mount the device in mac or windows. Don't forget about Leopard support.

PostPosted: 22. Jun 2007, 23:45
by newhere123
Here's another one: Include an Update button from the menus.

PostPosted: 23. Jun 2007, 02:00
by newhere123
And, if you make a dock shortcut to virtualbox (or even if you don't), if you open a virtual machine from virtual box, the setup window should turn into the guest OS, so you don't have two icons in the dock. There should be a configuration button on the virtual machine window which can flip the guest os into the virtualbox main window.

PostPosted: 26. Jun 2007, 05:36
by newhere123
BUG! - The Windows desktop doesn't seem to be able to display the alpha (transparent) shadows on icons - better get that fixed!