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PostPosted: 10. Apr 2008, 04:21
by sae
Is numlock supported on mac os 10.5? I have the latest build (not sure with one it is) and I can't figure out how to get the number pad on my keyboard working.

P.S. I tried Parallels, Fusion and Crossover and I VirtualBox is simply amazing for the price ;)

PostPosted: 15. Apr 2008, 07:27
by MaxTwang
Not according to the release notes.

PostPosted: 15. Apr 2008, 20:46
by over_clox
Although this solution isn't free, it is fairly cheap. You could try using an external USB numeric keypad. The guest computer should recognize this natively and it should work fine for you (as long as VBox likes the device anyway, there are a few USB bugs too).

PostPosted: 23. Feb 2009, 16:57
by comascape
While in windows guest hold [shift] and press [clear] this will toggle numlock on and off. Hope that helps!