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Audio Interface support

PostPosted: 16. Jun 2007, 18:42
by ozydingo
Running Mac OS X and an M-Audio FireWire 410 audio interface--primarily for use by Pro Tools; but it handles all of my computer's sound i/o when it's on. Unfortunately, when I run a virtualbox machine (XP) it can't output the sound correctly (it becomes recognizably distorted)

I can turn off the audio interface and the sound will work fine through the Mac's default sound output, but if he audio interface on all bets are off.

I know little about virtualization and likewise about how vbox communicates with the host's audio devices; but does this sound like something that might be able to be fixed without needing to code a specific driver for each differen audio device? (For example, all other apps--well except skype--can use the audio interface's sound output with no problems, I imagine the OS handles all requests to the sound device and the driver in OS X is all that should be needed?)