Great solution

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Great solution

Postby jamesu » 14. Jun 2007, 23:49

Hi there,

I downloaded the VirtualBox Beta 1 a while ago, and was quite impressed. It pretty much worked out of the box, and i even got a few of my existing VMWare images working in it too. :)

Whilst i missed some of the 'killer' VMWare fusion or Parallels Desktop features, i still thought it was great, especially if you compare it with Q (which for a start is much slower).

My only criticism would be the following:
- I experienced the dreaded smp-enabled linux kernel boot hangup problem when running a linux guest.
- I noted high cpu usage when i was running my CentOS server image.
- The interface generally didn't quite fit in (ok, minor point).

In any case, i eagerly await future Mac OS X releases.

Keep up the good work, developers!
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