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Video resolution

Postby TXLogic » 13. May 2007, 07:23


Virtualbox works very nicely under OS X with Ubuntu 7.04 as guest OS. I've had major problems getting Ubuntu to work properly with both Parallels and Fusion. Only problem is I'm unable to get anything other than 1024x768 on my 23" Apple Cinema Display. I'm using the same xorg.conf file that I'm using under Parallels -- which does enable me to run Ubuntu at the monitor's 1920x1200 native resolution. I've got the Video memory set at 128MB, which corresponds to the card in my iMac.

Any ideas for getting this problem solved appreciated.

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resolution on ubuntu

Postby virtualbox-netzidiot » 12. Jun 2007, 03:35

Hi, i just changed xorg.conf in /etc/X11/xorg.conf

just add the resolution you want e.g. "1024x700".

Then restart X-Server and then you should be able to choose the added Resulution.

STRG+ALT+<- to restart x-server
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Postby bodhi.zazen » 12. Jun 2007, 07:25

And install the Addons:

Then edit xorg.conf
If is a virtual machine, is it still broken ?
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Postby TXLogic » 2. Aug 2007, 17:54

bodhi.zazen wrote:And install the Addons:

Thanks, that's the info I needed.

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