How do I install my Yamaha Sound Drivers into my Windows 98

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How do I install my Yamaha Sound Drivers into my Windows 98

Postby salerack » 22. Mar 2010, 02:48

I just finished setting up Windows 98 Guest in my Virtual Box. I really enjoyed the sound system that I had on it when I used it as a host and would like to reinstall it. My sound card or files for it are labeled Yamaha Drivers(DS-XG, or DX-SG). When it loads, my screen shows four files-one with a joystick, Legacy System, MPU Audio, and PCI Audio.

What is the legacy sound system and what is the PCI audio? Which one am i supposed to use with my virtual box?

I tried the SoundBlaster 16 one also. When I press finish, it goes through the step where it tries to locate the files but cannot locate any of the files and therefore cannot load anything into my Virtual Box.

Any suggestions on how I can get sound in my Windows 98 system? I found a free driver site and downloaded a set of drivers that matched what I used in my old Windows 98 Host system and would like to try to install these onto my Virtual Machine.
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Re: How do I install my Yamaha Sound Drivers into my Windows 98

Postby Ramzee » 22. Mar 2010, 13:28

No matter what real hardware the Host has you are limited to the hardware that is emulated in the Virtual Machine (SoundBlaster 16 or AC97).

In your case the ICH AC97 Audio Controller looks to be the closest match, so select that for your VM.

I don't know if Win 98 supports the AC'97 by default but there is a report that the Realtek AC'97 Sound System Software Ver:A4.06 (VXD_A406.exe) works for a Win 95 Guest so I would start with that before experimenting with different Yamaha drivers/applications.

On real hardware I used a full featured Yamaha Media Player on another system with a generic audio driver so that might work.

For my own basic needs I use the SoundBlaster 16 with the DirectX 8.1 Microsoft Software Synth for Midi support in my Win98 SE guest.

Edit:- I had real issues finding a working AC97 driver, the answer (via goggle) was in these forums already.

The Win 95 VXD driver (VXD_A406.exe) works for Win 98 (in VirtualBox) but the Win 98 driver (WDM_A406.exe) does not
"The NTKERN.VXD, MMDEVLDR.VXD device loader(s) for this device could not load the device driver. (Code 2.)".

Installing the driver is not as easy as it should be as the setup program refuses to install on a Win 98 OS. However if the package is extracted using 7zip, winrar, etc. and Device Manager directed to the driver (in the Win95 directory) it installs and works just fine.
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Re: How do I install my Yamaha Sound Drivers into my Windows 98

Postby jorgensen » 22. Mar 2010, 13:42

You have the choice between SondBlaster 16 and AC97, and you might have a problem finding a driver for AC97.
For more information, check the third top post.
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