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No audio

Postby jyvonne27 » 21. Oct 2007, 22:24

Hi I'm running Win XP on my Macbook through Virtual Box and I love it, but I do not have any sound on the windows side. Can someone please help me get that working?

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Postby rogerdugans » 21. Oct 2007, 23:22

Very possibly-

Not sure just how it looks on a Mac, but the main VBox Manager (where the different VMs are listed and so on) should let you select the VM you want to adjust, and then click on "Settings".

That should open up on the "General" settings, and have a list of others; one of them should be "Audio", which by default is turned OFF, at least in linux.

Note that the VM should be OFF when you adjust settings here.

When you start the VM, sound should work. :)
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New to VirtualBox but very happy with it so far. :)
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that fixed it

Postby jyvonne27 » 22. Oct 2007, 02:31

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Postby rogerdugans » 22. Oct 2007, 02:40

You're welcome. :)

Just as a note- the user manual pdf is long, but it has LOTS of good info in it, and would likely solve about half the threads I have seen in this forum. ;)

I spent two days screwing around myself before resorting to it for USB stuff. :D

Now I seem to be Poster Boy for RTFM. :lol:
Overclocked, watercooled and running Linux.
New to VirtualBox but very happy with it so far. :)
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Postby pjotre » 5. Jan 2008, 12:07


I'm also having issues with sound on a macbook:

I can hear my Windows XP perfectly, but the build-in mic doesn't work... I chose 'core audio drivers' and set audio-in within XP to 'mic'.

Did anyone figure out how to use the mic?
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Postby Chris Lepore » 26. Feb 2008, 02:16

I can't get audio enabled in XP either. I have audio enabled in the guest settings, using CoreAudio, and have tried both the ACH97 and SoundBlaster 16 settings. Any other suggestions?
Chris Lepore
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Postby poetzsch » 26. Feb 2008, 18:07

pjotre: Sorry, audio input isn't supported in the beta 3.
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Set the host audio driver

Postby titaniumtux » 18. Mar 2008, 15:50

Hey, after finding this thread, I end up figuring the issue out on my own so I figured I'd post.

In VirtualBox (make sure the guest OS is powered off), right-click on the guest and select Settings. Then in the Settings select Audio from the menu on the left. Make sure audio is enabled. You must select the host audio driver. In my case (my host OS is Ubuntu Linux), I selected ALSA Audio Driver and everything worked fine (I was actually setting up a backed up virtual machine... well using an existing VDI file and I was disappointed that my previous VirtualBox Settings were not included by default).

I've managed to get the microphone to work before, but I didn't seem to figure it out this time around. I've unmuted it everywhere in the guest and host, and still couldn't pin-point it... Shucks!
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How to use microphone

Postby dbabba » 28. Jun 2008, 02:45

I have a Vista 32bit host with a Mint 5 guest (mint 5 is based on ubuntu hardy). I want to be able to use my microphone in the guest. I have VBox 1.6.2. Is this possible?
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Postby m@riposa » 28. Jun 2008, 22:15

Audio input is not yet implemented in the Mac version of VirtualBox, so it is probably not possible.
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Postby ptram » 10. Dec 2008, 19:30

I see Mariposa's answer dates some months back. I'm trying to make the internal mic of my MBP work, and it seems there is no way. Is there any news on this issue?
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Postby tkwm » 10. Dec 2008, 23:34

You really should be so polite to honour the programmers and manualwriters work by reading the documentation,
usually this is called -rtfm-, read the fine made manual, or so,
where in chapter 13 clearly is stated that on Mac-OS hosts exists
– No support for audio input.
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Postby ptram » 11. Dec 2008, 02:24


What's not clear to you in the sentence "any news on this issue"?
Obviously, if you don't know any news on this issue, please don't feel obliged to answer.
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Audio problem solved

Postby phunkydrummer » 14. Jan 2009, 11:43


I just spent one hour to figure out how to get some sound.

I am running Windows 2000 SP4 on a new Intel Macbook 2Ghz.

SB 16 didn't work, so you have to select:

settings-> audio -> host driver: core audio, controller: ICH AC97.

Make sure the volume is up, and everything works fine.
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not working

Postby yatman » 24. Jan 2009, 04:31

Hey phunkydrummer, I'm running vista ultimate 64 and it doesn't seem to work. I tried IHC AC97 and Soundblaster 16.

Could it be that vista 64? I'm about to delete that VM and try vista 32.

Any thoughts?
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